Control Board Timer for Relays DP & HC - CB1

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Microprocessor control board plugs into RLDP-V double pole relay board to become multifunction timer PCB, and plugs into RLSPHC-V single pole high current relay board to become multifunction timer PCB.

* Compatible with RLDP-V (product code 09086)
* Compatible with RLSPHC-V (product code 09054)
* Compact size, modular design
* Timeout: 1-900 secs, 1-180 mins, 1-18 hours
* Rising and falling edge triggers
* Simple programming method
* Selectable 12V/24V DC operation
* High quality screw connectors
* LED indicator to show timing status
* Eight (8) versatile modes of operation
1. Buffered Input
2. Flip Flop
3. One Shot
4. One Shot (retriggerable)
5. Pulse Extender
6. Delay Start
7. Delay Start (retriggerable)
8. Stand-Off (door open too long)

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