Texecom Capture D20: AKD-0006 Wired PIR+MW 20Kg PET - 20m 85° BLACK

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Texecom Capture D20: AKC-0006 Wired PIR+MW 20Kg PET - 20m, BLACK

5 years in development. Designed with installer feedback and meeting latest EU Intrusion Detector standards - EN50131.

Texecom’s new 'Capture' range of motion detectors is their highest performing, most reliable, easiest to install range of detectors, ever. Capture has been designed with the installer in mind and includes a host of installer friendly features, making installation and commissioning a doddle.

This D20 'Grade 2' wired wall-mount dual technology detector provides a 20m detection zone and can be set to an optional PET tollerance of 20Kg. It uses Texecom's K-band Microwave and 'CloakWise' ant-masking technology.

D20 Features:
* 20m / 85° volumetric coverage
* Mounting Height 1.5 - 3m
* Quad Pyro + K-band Microwave
* Bulit in EOL resistors
* Front loaded, fully sealed electronics - no insect falses
* Tri-Colour LED
* Dual Tech / PetWise / CloakWise (anti-masking) modes - Critical Mass 20kg
* Complies to EN50131-2-4 Grade 2

Capture Range PIR Detectors:
* Detectors can operate in a 'standard' or PET tollerant mode
* Operate across a variety of resistance tollerances - adjusted on the detector
* Designed for ease of installation: adjustable mounting block, clear ID of terminals
* Visually alike, detectors providie no clues to their capability, complying to EN50131

See specification sheet below.

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