DSC Neo PG4994 Wireless Outdoor PET (18Kg) PIR Detector: Up to 12m, 90°

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The PG4994 is a PowerG wireless, outdoor, digital mirror PIR detector which uses 8 PIR sensors, each acting as a Quad detector to accurately and reliably determine whether an alarm is justified. Features and benefits include:

* Optimum performance even in poor weather conditions such as snow, rain, dust, wind and direct sunlight.
* Tamper protection
* Built-in link quality indicators so installer does not need to check the signal at the panel
* PET Immunity up to 18Kg (40lb)

* Flexible mounting height up to 3m
* Coverage distance 1m to 12m - mounting height dependent (see installation guide)
* Max Black Mirror Coverage - At least 12m at 90 degrees
* Batteries: 2x CR123A
* Compatible with Neo RF transceiver keypad (13265) and HSM2HOST4 (13350)

Specification sheet below is for the US version of the detector. All that differs is NZ's frequency.

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