DSC Neo: PG4872 Wireless 433MHz 360° Degree PIR: 20m Diameter Max

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DSC Neo: PG4872 Wireless 433MHz 360° Degree PIR: 20m Diameter Max

Fully secure mid-large size businesses can be seen from every angle, with the PowerG Wireless Long Range 360° Ceiling-mount PIR Detector. With a detection range of up to 20m in diameter, this advanced device is perfectly suited for large spaces. Uniquely designed for discreet and hard-to-reach ceiling placement, it is visually attractive, highly robust and tamper-resistant.

* Military-grade 128-bit AES encryption protects against powerful analysis tools & digital attacks
* Full two-way synchronized TDMA synchronized communication technology - to prevent message collisions
* Multi-channel, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology repeatedly switches frequencies to:
- minimize interference of radio signals
- prevent interception and obstruction during transmission
* Devices dynamically optimize their route to:
- control panel to avoid RF interference
- extend battery life up to 3 years
* Long transmission ranges allow for devices to reliably communicate within up to 2km line-of sight
* Simplified installation using a visible link quality LED indicator on the devices, allowing device testing at selected location.
* Quick, error-free device auto-enrollment process of simply using a pull tab
* Advanced, time-saving toolset: on-site and remote diagnostics, remote real-time testing

* Size (diameter) 15cm
* Weight (including battery) 110g
* Battery type 3V CR-123A lithium battery
* Battery life 3 years (with typical use)
* Operating temperature -10°C to 50°C
* Operating environment Indoors
* Mounting height 2m-6m

Please see specifications, user manual and further Neo accessories below.

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