exacqVision ENTERPRISE IP Camera License, per Camera. 1 Year SSA.

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exacqVision ENTERPRISE IP Camera License, per Camera. Includes 1 Year SSA

exacqVision ENTERPRISE VMS software records surveillance video from thousands of IP camera models and displays video on Windows, Linux or OSX client software.

exacqVision ETERPRISE VMS software can be licensed for up to 128 IP cameras per server. Building upon the enhanced functionality of PROFESSIONAL Edition VMS, exacqVision ENTERPRISE provides large organizations with features that provide a high level of situational awareness, both of events and system health monitoring.

Users can monitor both video and audio (including two-way) in real time utilizing a customizable full screen video wall with notification overlays. Advanced functionality such as web panels, suspect tracking, and data integration from retail point-of-sale and access control systems provides superior visibility of all events. Multiple-level mapping lets users create hierarchical nesting of maps for faster camera and device navigation.

• Multi-level mapping increases situational awareness
• Enterprise Manager included for critical system health monitoring
• Powerful search capabilities in an intuitive interface
• VideoPush lets users share critical video across the enterprise
• Integrated Web Panels allow users to stay up-to-date with breaking news events
• Compile detailed investigations with bookmarks, event data and video files
• Custom user groups simplify assigning access to specific cameras and servers

See ENTERPRISE VMS features below.

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