Powermaster 16VAC 24VA Plug Pack / Power Adaptor (Beige)

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Powermaster 16VAC 1500mA Plug Pack, Power Adapter (24VA)

Configuration: Wall-mount, (integral mains pins)

Mains Pins: AS/NZS3112:2004 (SAA) 3 pins, insulated active & neutral

Dimensions: 77.9(L) x 59(W) x 78.0(H)mm maximum

Weight: 620g maximum

Cooling: Natural Convection

Thermal Fuse: 130°C 2A 250V

Terminal Strength: AC Side 10Kg for 60 seconds No breakage shall occur after the completion of the test.

Drop Test: No abnormal condition should be found after a free-fall from a height of 75cm onto a 1cm thick (minimum) wood surface. After a
total of 6 drop tests (one on each plane) the adaptor shall pass the insulation resistance test (100M? minimum).

Cord Bending Test: The cord shall withstand a total of 1000 40 cycle/minute swings from left to right at an angle of 120 degrees with a 300g weight attached.

Strain Relief Test: The cord shall withstand a weight of 9.1Kg attached to the cord end for one minute minimum. There shall be no visible or
electrical damage.

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