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October 2019

TEXECOM PIRs & Smoke/Heat Solutions

After an abscence of 12 years SWL is proud to announce the return of Texecom PIRs and Smoke & Heat detection solutions.

Not only are these devices easy on the eye; they also meet stringent European manufacturing, performance and compliance standards. Stock will be on our shelves w/c 14 October.

Premier Elite PIRs: Premier Elite PIRs  Exodus Smoke & Heat: Exodus: Smoke & Heat Solutions

Avigilon Pre-Announces EOL For ACC 6

With the release of Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7.2 software, an end-of-life plan for ACC™ 6 is in place. 

·     End-of-sale: Customers may purchase ACC 6 licenses until Dec. 31, 2020 

·     End-of-support: Avigilon will support ACC 6 until Sept. 30, 2021

Customers that purchase or have purchased software licenses under the following scenarios are eligible for channels to be upgraded to ACC 7 free-of-charge: 

·     ACC 6 channel licenses purchased after Nov. 15, 2018, through Dec. 31, 2019 

·     ACC 5-to-6 version upgrade licenses purchased after Oct. 4, 2018 through Dec. 31, 2019

All new purchases after Dec. 31, 2019, will require a paid upgrade to ACC 7. However, any already purchased and eligible licenses will retain their eligibility after this date. 

Nylon Reed Switches - Coming Soon

We continue to search for 'best of breed' solutions and have formed a highly anticipated commercial partnership with a European manufacturer specialising in designing and producing Nylon Reed Switch solutions. Think resistance to water-based corrosive environments, providing your customers with longterm reliable performance and peace of mind. These devices hold the promise of being a game changer in the NZ market. 


DSC Neo Arrives !

SWL is proud to release this iconic brand to the market. DSC has been at the top of many integrator's thinking for intrusion protection solutions for more than 30 years. This gear just doesn't break and the Neo range has taken a giant stride to overcome our natural reticence about 'wireless' technology. Think of a reliable, flexible platform with a host of solutions and tools to meet your customer's alarm system think Neo. Fully supported by SWL and ready to go.

Kantech Access Control Arrives ! 

We asked our Kantech Guru (SB-H); 'Have you had any failures over the past 15 years ?' Imagine our disappointment when he said 'YES'. Thankfully he informed us, 'If you put *****V into a system it's going to fry and the same technician did it twice !' Suffice to say we're backing Kantech to be a robust solution. 

Not content with solutions as we find them, SWL is working on an innovative power solution to meet stringent compliance criteria - beyond NZ's current requirements. Watch this space...Kantech

Avigilon Releases New H5 Camera Range !

To maximise the benefits of Avigilon's new ACC 7 platform, the H5 camera range has been developed to provide faster and more capable analytic features H5A.

August 2019

Provision-ISR Announces 'DDA' Analytics Capability & New Camera Range

Not only is the new GUI rolling out but we're holding our breath for analytics that will rival any Chinese manufacturer's capability. Categorise people, vehicles and bet.  Provide reliable facial recognition database searches and efficient notification when a match is recognised....sure. Take a look......Provision-ISR DDA Analytics

July 2019

SWL Announces Distribution Partnership With

Provision-ISR Release Ossia Enhancements

Provision-ISR have confirmed enhancements to Ossia for DVR and NVR platforms. These will role out from July to September.

Enhancements include: New Startup wizard, HDD encryption, POS enhancements, 802.1x Authentication Protocol, Full Analytics Support on 'F' models and new Face Recognition Interfaces. We can't wait to try it out.

June 2019

Avigilon Launch ACC 7

ACC™ 7 is designed to revolutionize how users interact with and gain situational awareness from their video security systems. It introduces Focus of Attention, a cutting-edge user interface for live video monitoring that uses our self-learning video analytics and Unusual Motion Detection technologies to determine what information is important and should be presented to security operators. By providing actionable information immediately to users, the system is designed to help ensure that critical events do not go unnoticed — even in systems with large camera counts. This new level of proactive response is set to help change the future of video security operations.

Avigilon - EOL ACC 5 Support & ACC 6 Now In Maintenance-Only Mode

Support for Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 5 software will end on June 30, 2019. To ensure your customers’ ACC™ systems are eligible for continued support, we encourage all customers running ACC 5 to upgrade to a more recent version before this date.

ACC 6 remains available for purchase but is now in maintenance-only mode. Selecting ACC 7 instead of ACC 6 when upgrading will allow customers to benefit from upcoming enhancements, as all new feature development will be for ACC 7 only. ACC 7 will also include a longer support lifetime.

May 2019

SWL is appointed as a New Zealand distributor for DSC and Kantech Solutions

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SWL is appointed as Provision-ISR's exclusive New Zealand Partner

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