Sherlotronics TX-1 433MHz Single Button Key Ring Transmitter

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Sherlo TX-1 Single Button Remote - 433MHz

* Encryption : Code-Hopping, Frequency : 433MHz (NZ)
* 12V Alkaline battery: GP23AE
* Typically 2 years battery life or 10,000 activations
* LED flashes when the battery is low
* Monoprene Rubber-like buttons are easy to press and click positively
* Unique TX Clip Antenna design increases operating range by 50%
* Voltage Range : 9-13V, Current on TX : 20mA
* Dimensions:70mm x 37mm x 18mm
* Gross Weight : 31g
* Operating Temp : -3°C to 60°C
* Warranty : 24 Months

NB: 403MHz is not supported in NZ.

Please note fact sheet is for the 403MHz version (S.A).

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