ONETOP MEM2400-60: Mechanical Electromagnetic Lock (LED) 12-24VDC, 680kg

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MEM2400-60 Mechanical Electromagnetic Lock (LED) 12-24VDC, 680kg.
For outward opening hinged doors

L&Z Bracket Installation & LSS Monitoring

The MEM2400 series is an innovative product which successfully incorporates mechanical designs into the electromagnetic lock. This lock achieves holding forces up to 680Kg and impact resistance up to 100J whilst reducing physical lock size.

The MEM2400 is capable of opening with up to 70kg side pressure on the door and has the added security function of “Early Warning” alarm

This lock solution is recommended for doors <2400mm.

The MEM2400 series featured Earl Warning (EW), Door Status Sensor (DSS), and Lock Status Sensor (LSS) signal outputs.

* Holding Force - Up to 680Kg
* Property - Fail Safe
* Durability - 1 million operations
* Impact Resistance - 100J
* Monitoring - Early Warning, Door Status Sensor, Lock Status Sensor
* Lock Dimensions - L= 218mm H= 36mm D= 30mm
* Armature Dimension - L= 174mm H= 30.5mm D= 12.5mm
* Weight - 1.7Kg

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