Texecom Exodus: AGB-0001 Optical Heat & Smoke Detector 4-Wire (Blue Label )

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Texecom Exodus: Optical & Heat Multisensor (Blue Label) 4 Wire

Featuring a heat enhanced optical multisensor for maximum detection performance plus a selection of heat detectors, the Exodus 4W Series offers a comprehensive range of fire sensing solutions. Each Exodus 4W Series detector uses state-of-the-art microprocessor technology to maximise performance and reliability.

A built-in normally closed relay interface makes connection to security control panels quick and simple.

Features Include:
* 12v/ 4-wire operation
* Built -in alarm relay
* Ceiling connector base
* Microprocessor design, Digital technology
* Alarm simulation test button
* Latch input enabling auto-reset or latching operation
* Certified to EN54-7
* 5 Year warranty

Exodus OH Specification:
* Supply Voltage - 9 to 16 VDC
* Current Consumption - 15mA (Typical)
* Alarm Signalling - Built-in normally closed relay
* Alarm Relay - <24VDC 50mA, 18Ù
* Latch Input 12V: Latching; 0V: Auto Reset
* Dimensions - 107mm x 55mm
* Packed Weight - 200g (approximately)
* Storage Temperature -20°C (-4°F) to +80°C (+176°F)

Conforms to European Union (EU) Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive 89/336/EEC (amended by 92/31/EEC & 93/68/EEC).

The CE mark indicates that this product complies with the European requirements for safety, health, environmental & customer protection.

BSI Kitemark
Texecom has successfully underlined the quality and safety of the Exodus 4W Series by becoming the first company in the world to be awarded the prestigious BSI kitemark for EN54-5 and EN54-7 certified detectors. The BSI kitemark has been established as the leading certification mark in the UK for over 100 years and provides specifiers and consumers alike with confidence in the product quality. The kitemark is the ultimate sign of quality and safety.

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